Eagles Arise Retreat 2019 NZ

NZ Retreat

This is our 5th get together as a Ministry  in New Zealand and we are very excited about what God is doing. We want to carry on from the amazing time we had last year and have decided to keep it in Rotorua again.

We also want to give everyone the opportunity to share during the retreat as well, so if you have a testimony, music or just something that is burning on your heart, please come and share.

This year to cover costs of guest speakers we will be charging a registration fee. Please fill out the details on our Registration


PLEASE we don’t want anyone to miss out either, so if you are struggling contact us using the link above and we will be in touch.

Children are more than welcome to attend as we will have activites for them to do during the sessions as well. If you have any ideas or want to help, please let Ruth know.

If you are interested in coming and staying at the holiday park with us, please note that you need to talk to us and we can put you in touch with the manager.

We only ask that if you book a unit, cabin etc and are unable to make it, that you contact them to cancel.