Prophetic & Mentoring Group

Online class 04.05.18


Michael and Rhys,

Thank you for the Kingdom Warriors 3 week Prophetic training class. I got a lot more out of it than I expected in many areas.

First of all, borders were built on when, what (edification & encourage) and in what heart to prophecy with as we share with others.

Secondly, I began the class “seeing” primarily, but have am now growing into feeling and experiencing God in more senses like heart impressions as I see or smelling as I see! Super cool growth and most importantly, getting to know and trust Jesus more when He speaks!

Thirdly, I received a powerful prophetic word myself from Michael and Rhys, that helped me to turn the corner with Christ and believe for more. That His Ways Are far beyond our ways. That He uses the simple things to confound the wise. I knew that being simple was something I could do for God! Lol. Offer myself as God’s simple tool for His incredible miracles, edifying words and life altering prophecies!

I highly recommended this class. It’s worth your time and money! I felt like I finally stepped up to the plate and hit the ball and was previously only watching the game.

Sincerely, Kim Leiter