Orange Fire Night 2018

Our trip to Orange started at 5am on the Wednesday morning. I love how God works. As I was packing the car, I heard the sound of a dog coming up the driveway. When I looked up I saw a huge Kangaroo, we both stopped and looked at each other and then it hopped away. In all the years we have lived in Melbourne we have only seen a Kangaroo in our street once.

Thank you to all those who prayed for our safe travels, there were a few close calls, but we have huge angels with us. We arrived in Orange at 4:44pm another Godly number and met Mona. Mona is a Kingdom Warrior & Overcomer member for many years and when she offered for us to stay on our way to Tamworth, we couldn’t wait.

What an evening we had at Mona’s house, it was a full house with little room to sit. But what a time was had. Rhys shared some of his testimony and then prayed over those attending. Many who came were those that wouldn’t step foot in a church and just seeing them touched by God was incredible. One lady I talked to had walked away from God and after praying with her, she is now turning back towards our Lord. Seeing the face on another lady light up when she was told she is a princess, and God loves her. Just incredible. Many didn’t leave will after 1am. It was a long day

On Thursday, we had a lovely time with Mona and her Daughter Isha in Bathurst. Enjoying the sunshine in the park. When we got back we went to the prayer meeting at Mona’s church, we found that people had come for another meeting at Mona’s house, much to our surprise, Wow!!! It seemed that the word had gotten out and there were a couple men hungry to hear about God and hear Rhys Prodigal Son story. It is really touching when you see how hungry they are, and they didn’t want to leave. Another late night but wouldn’t change it for the world.

Friday morning was sad as we had to say goodbye to our sister, Mona and her daughter Isha. Our children had loved every moment with these two amazing women and we can not thank them enough for having us. We also managed to catch up with Ps Donny in the Blue Mountains on the way back to Victoria. He has been a long-time friend on facebook, and it was great to met him in person. We arrived at our destination for the night in the early hours of the morning.

Saturday and Sunday were a great time relaxing and catching up with family, and then the last leg of our journey home. All up we drove over 1800km with our family, and what an amazing time we had. Already have plans in the works for the next adventure to Orange and continuing up to Tamworth. So, watch this space.