KWO NZ Retreat 2018

This year we had a new format for the yearly get together. We felt that God was telling us to look at doing a retreat, where we spent time together focusing on God and fellowship with others.

As we all started arriving at camp on the Thursday afternoon, the excitement of the coming days was everywhere. People were meeting each other, and old and new friends connected, some for the first time and some connecting again from the previous years. At 6pm we all gathered in the camp kitchen and had dinner together. Sharing our journey to the retreat, passing jokes and just getting to know each other. It was great getting to meet and talk to everyone, and then having the freedom to pop back to our cabins if need be to grab a jacket, or some tomato sauce. After dinner, some of us popped into the hot pools to wash away the days driving and then off to our rooms for the evening.

Friday morning started at 10:30am with Trevor and Sarah doing worship, during this time the children were dancing and joining those dancing with flags. Afterwards, a few inspiring people got up and shared their testimony, and wow how blessed were we to hear it. After lunch, we decided to revert back to a simple format of having one workshop session with prophetic artwork by the kids in the rear of the venue. Trevor spoke on prophetic worship and his journey, which was interesting. Afternoon tea time saw the return of testimonies and prayer/prophetic words as God saw to use us all. Tom Later we returned back to the camp,  those who wanted to join us had dinner outside our cabins. This dinner went well into the night, as again being so close to our accommodation, Kids could go to bed when they needed too and adults were right there watching over them. It was great being able to carry on with testimonies and just general chitchat getting to know each other. It was just a great way to top off the evening.

On Saturday, Trevor and Sarah lead us in worship and then this was followed by Steven Carter talking about your identity in Christ. Wow, what an amazing teaching and many were touched. Afterwards, we had some more testimonies, and this was followed by lunch. After lunch, I got up to share about how there is power of life and death in the tongue, and breaking off words spoken over us. This followed onto some more ministry time, and then dinner. After dinner, we were blessed to have Cam Barlow and Terina-Maree Tahuri joined Trevor and Sarah for the worship and boy was it taken to a new level. This amazing worship ministered to many and was an awesome start to the evening. We were blessed to have Warwick Clark minister for a short time and prophesy over some of us, and then to finish the evening with more ministering.

Sunday morning we all met at Maccas for brunch and after many coffees, brunch ended up lunch as many didn’t want to go. But as they say, all good things must come to an end.

Overall, yes this time around we didn’t have the amount of people who have attended in the past, as we didn’t have a guest speaker. But is our relationship about following “the Man” or following God and having some good old discipleship time. Those that did come built friendships and re-connected with others. We were able to share, get ministered for, and pray the way they did in the bible and I can tell you I was blessed. So thank you to all those that attended, I can’t wait to see you all next year for Retreat 2019.