Joy of a Child

I love how amazing our God is!! That in all the people in the world, He is still able to bless me and my household.

Yesterday, our family attended a family day with the Deaf Community in Melbourne. It is great that they hold these events and I love catching up with friends that you used to see at appointment waiting rooms or play groups. This year they held it at one of the attractions, Scienceworks and they had a couple of very special guests “Sally and Possum”.

Sally & Possum is a children’s show made by the Queensland Government. It is very similar to Play School, except that all the characters in the show use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) This has been a great hit with the deaf children around Australia.

One of those kids is our son Christian, he is a huge fan. We were given two copies of their first sessions on DVD and those disks have been played so many times. So, when we heard they were coming we couldn’t not go to see them in real life.

As a typical day with young kids, nothing goes to plan and instead of leaving when we had planned it was a bit later. As we were walking in, we bumped into a family we had met earlier in the year (fellow kiwis) and started chatting. They were telling us they had to hang around all day because they had a meet and greet with Sally and Possum. I was like “No way, I didn’t know” and had felt that I had let our little boy down. But the teenage daughter of the family said she didn’t really want to go and see them and that Christian could have her pass. My heart jumped.

40098259_2213131255585310_4703821317558763520_nLittle did we know that this family was also Christian, and we spent a lovely day together, chatting and exploring the deaf world. At the end of the day, as we explained to Christian that the Mum was taking him to see Sally & Possum, the Dad of that family also decided he didn’t really want to be dragged through, allowing Rhys to go. Amen,

I love how God had set this all up, that we would be there at the right time. God loves His children so much and I only hope He got to see the pure joy on our sons face as he got to met someone very close to his world. We will never be grateful enough for the family blessing our son and can only pray blessing onto them. Being a parent, it brings such delight when you see the joy and happiness on your child’s face and it makes you think about how much God has done for us and the delight when He sets these things up.

God Bless, Ruth x x x

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