Amazing Testimony: Jesus still heals today.

So Last night (19.08.18) before I started our Live Feed, Christian told me about a Lady, he said her Jaw was broken and that she had been in a car accident. He also said the lady had two sore arms, and had gone in an ambulance to hospital. I thought wow, this is two words of knowledge for our online fellowship. However, it terms out it was the same lady.

As you can imagine it is very difficult to understand a 5 year old describing all this information, in both sign language and spoken. It was clear enough for me to believe God wanted to heal someone that’s going to join our live feed.

As I called this Word Of Knowledge out, it turned out it was a Woman from USA that was involved in a car accident in 1997 and had surgery on her jaw.

Jesus Set her Free last night,

She was so overwhelmed by the Power Of God and that God Loves her so much, that he would use a five year old boy on the other side of the World to heal her and set her free.
The Lord has also begun the healing process to set her free from emotional and physical trauma.

I got this message this morning from her this morning

From Tracy Skoogs : Ellington, Connecticut USA

I am prasing Jesus for healing me of the pain of all the truma of the greif. It’s gone I know I’m free my thinking is clear and not clouded because of the pain . Will send some pictures. I’ve never seen you on a video till this morning and I went to go to uninstall fb app for awhile then there you were first time first post this morning. We are rejoicing here. I will write out the before and after :

In 1997 I had my whole jaw replaced many surgery s before that didn’t work. Two weeks after I came home from that surgery I was in a bad car accident. I hit a flat bed truck that was stopped on the highway going 65 in a little 280zx. I was in the hospital a very long time went home in wheel chair couldn’t walk had damage to both my legs and arms. Jesus healed me and I was able to walk again and speak 
For along time I was in able to in 2001 I had a gamma knife brain surgery. Jesus healed me of the physical pain and I was able to come off all the meds I was on.
Alot in between this year. A long time suffering with my elbow s . This morning after you said something about your son, about healing of the elbow I could feel intense heat then I know something huge lifted all the truma was gone I’ve been moving my arms around all day. No pain

I’m in no pain ❤️ the truma from the past is gone. I’m prasing Jesus 
Dancing again and singing in his presence 
Jesus is healer of all our affiction s he has made 
My joy over flow. I am so thankful ❤️ my daughter’s are excited 
Jesus thank you ❤️

Bless you Blessings Father for you and your family

He Loves to Set the Captives Free,


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