Crossing the Threshold, Unlocking your Destiny ๐Ÿ™‚

Prophetic Word by Rhys Fitzsimmons 01.08.2018

Yesterday I heard these words from Holy Spirit, You are Crossing the Threshold and He is Unlocking your Destiny,

I was walking to the train last night when I seen a huge Vodafone Billboard Sign that said in Big Massive Letters, UNLOCK!
Then it suddenly hit me this is the Word Of the Lord for this next season for many of you in the Body of Christ!!

For many especially the last few months has been like a real frustration and very unsettling time, knowing the promises of God in your life. Yet it seemed like nothing was happening but going around the mountain time and time again.

A bit like the Israelites walking in the desert for 40 years to find they didn’t really get that far, for some of you this is to do with relationships, others your job of business situation and others just knowing the promises of God over your life and knowing his call.

It’s like things had become cloudy and moving forward just seemed impossible even some of you questioning ‘ how can I ever get past this’ and move on, but He is the Lord of the Breakthrough and he Will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Many of you were on the verge of giving up and tired as it seemed battle after battle and no victory but In this next Season I believe as we have crossed over into 1st August many will find that Suddenly Of God you’ve been waiting for.

The Winter is ending and Spring is on its way, I see Springs of Living Water gushing your way, get ready to be overwhelmed with Springs of Living Water in this next season. Springs of Water Of His Goodness and Mercy for they will follow you all the days of your life!!

He sees, he knows, he understands, Stand Tall for your Time to Step into your Destiny is Now as you cross the Threshold, He is Unlocking those doors that have been shut for so long and It’s Time to Rise and Walk in your Authority as his Son and Daughter.


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