The Shift is Here!!

Prophetic Word by Rhys Fitzsimmons on 07.07.2017

I see a shift for many in the Body of Christ; for many its been one drawn out battle just going from day to day; many I see have withdrawn from the battle wearied and exhausted from taking hit after hit; relentless fire from the enemies camp and just life itself; I see a picture like in the world war two movies where many of the soliders wounded from battle are been nursed and cared for; where they are recuperating from the battle lines; I see many in the Body of Christ in these camps getting there wounds addressed; It has been a fierce battle for many since the beginning of 2017; and for some even longer; Many have been in defensive mode not able to be on the offensive; I see the Shift begins today; 777 speaks of completion and I see its a completion of this weary season for many; I Hear the Lion of Judah Roaring and Saying; ‘ENOUGH is ENOUGH’ !!! I see the Lord of the Breakthrough coming through for so many of you and fighting the enemy on your behalf; The Key now for you Warriors of Christ is to sit in his presence; Lift him up in Praise & Worship that is how you overcome; I see The Lord fighting on your behalf; many will notice a difference in the remainder of this year; like a burden will have lifted as the Lord of the Breakthrough comes through for you;
Lift uo your voices in Praise and with the High Praises of God in your mouth and a two edged sword in your hand the enemy will flee; He will restore the years the locusts have eaten; Its not a time to be sitting addressing your wounds; its time to Lift Him Up as you do the focus will come off you and things of this world will grow strangely dim.
Rise Up Warriors Of Christ; Rise Up; I declare and decree your Victory begins today!!
The Shift of seasons is here.

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