The Eagle Has Landed

 Prophetic Word by Rhys Fitzsimmons: 12.02.2017

Gods Delays are not Gods Denials, So this Morning my flight was due to fly out from Adelaide to Melbourne at 10:30am, HOWEVER, There was a delay, an hour delay and we have just taken off about ten minutes ago, just about another hour to Melbourne, This got me thinking, Many in the Body of Christ are at a stage in their walk where they have been promised breakthrough, some of you like myself have had numerous words of breakthrough and change coming your way, And are at a point of frustration, wondering when is this breakthrough gonna happen, My Good Friend Stan Orme released a Word about been in the Airlock using Astronauts as an example, I sense to warn many don’t kick open the door, this can be dangerous, Wait until His Breakthrough comes, Keep pressing on, keep been faithful in the small things, He hasn’t forgotten his promises concerning you and me, This is the Year of the Sword and many of you will have a SUDDENLY, as I Prophesied in the New Year while flying from Christchurch to Hamilton, it’s interesting that I seem to get these words when I’m flying, I guess it’s because I feel high above the circumstances and in the natural I’m in another realm above the clouds, looking down on the earth like an eagle, it’s like I can see so it is in the spirit, I see clearer and hear clearer, So Warriors, I encourage you keep on keeping on because GOD’S DELAYS are not GOD’S DENIALS!! It’s no surprise to him when there a delay, he will complete the good work he has begun in you in Jesus Name. P.s We are just beginning our bumpy descent into Melbourne’s Avalon Airport, seems like a very short flight.

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