New Seasons

Recently, Rhys has been hiding in his secret place having some time out. This has meant that I have had to look after things that he normally would do. It has given me insight into how much he does online. But then again, Rhys tells me it was also my time to step into a new season.

As a mum of three, I have been in a secret place for a long time. Looking after our children and being in the background. It is where I am comfortable, and I like being behind the scenes, being out of view.

But apparently it is time for a new season.


Isaiah 18:5 For beforthe harvest, when the blossom is gone, and the flower becomes a ripening grape, He will cut off the shoots with a pruning knife, and remove and discard the branches.

 We were recently talking to a fellow Christian about these two very things. That they were coming into a new season and it is always exciting but also challenging work. Also, that sometimes, a branch needs to be cut from the vine, for the vine to produce more fruit.

Let’s get real, new seasons are exciting but wow the build up to it can be so hard and so exhausting. For me, it is a battle, a battle to keep moving forward. It can be 100 things thrown at you at once and when you finally get that 100 things done, another 100 things get thrown. But I also get excited, new season means new anointing, new wine skin, new revelation, new growth, new adventures. This is what I hold onto during those tough times, is that new step.

I have never really been one for confrontation, having grown up in a small school everyone knew everyone. So, no one could get away with anything. When I moved to Australia and moved into a new season God had to give me a backbone and boy it was demanding work. While Rhys was inside, he lost a lot of his belongings, furniture and personal effects as he hadn’t bothered to pack them up and put them in storage. They were at his ex-partners house. Well the day came for her to face her parts of the crime, and she ended up being deported to New Zealand. During this period, I was paying off a massive plasma tv that belonged to Rhys. Rhys ex-partner had given her belongs (plus Rhys) to a mutial friend of theirs and had told her it was okay to keep this property. Rhys had found out where it was located and had sent me a letter saying that I could ask for his property on his behalf.

Do you know how hard that is? Going to a complete stranger’s house and asking for something. But I did it. I remember sitting around the corner, hands shaking, and praying that God would give me the strength. This lady was not happy and called the police. When the police arrived, she asked them inside, but demanding that I stay outside. I didn’t mind as I would rather stay away from this lady’s rage. The policeman came out to see me and as I showed him proof of purchase, proof of payments, and Rhys letter, he asked to take them inside to show this lady. She started yelling at the police, and basically was told that she would be charged with receiving stolen property if she didn’t return the property that clearly, I have demonstrated was mine.

During this time, I remember my spiritual mum always saying “Ruth, always speak in a slow calm manner even if you are so nervous and scared because it allows your speech to be clear and you get your point across” plus her next comment was “You’re a Christian not a doormat, so stand up” So the next day, I received a phone call from Rhys saying that I was to pick the tv up at a specific time and location as they didn’t want me bringing the police into their house ever again.

But now, I am so thankful for having that training, yes at the time I was freaking out, sweating, hands shaking but now I have come through that season I have developed a backbone and able to support my husband in Ministry. But it was also a pruning for me, a pruning of a branch that made me grow with more confidence.

So, when things seem so hard, and so tiring and you feel like just going into hiding. Focus on Jesus, and He will lead the way. He will show you the direction and give you the strength to move forward. If He is pruning branches, allow God to move to do this because the growth from the pruning (no matter how hard it is) will be forgotten when the fruit of that appears.

God Bless, Ruth x x x

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