It’s Time for the New SWORD!

33664667_10215782016205853_3109452452814913536_nProphetic Word by Rhys Fitzsimmons 28.05.2018

Yesterday I was watching Todd Bentley while folding the washing (Which took over two hours) he was sharing about an encounter where the Lord gave him a Sword, it was called the Sword of the Lord and The Sword of Gideon, 
Then later on i came across a post that kind of jumped out at me from Julio Figueroa ministries, and it was about the Lord giving a New Sword to replace the old sword, then later on my wife went to officeworks to get some material for our upcoming prophetic training next week,
And my Son, Christian came back with a balloon and guess what it was?
Yep it was a Balloon Sword lol, I knew then that Holy Spirit was saying something about the new sword.

I’ve just finished my month fast off Facebook and have taken much-needed time out, and been hidden in the secret place, which I continue to do ongoing and as I broke the fast I believe the Lord has not only handed me a New Sword for this next season but also he is asking you to put the old sword down and take up the New Sword, This New Sword represents the Truth Of his Gospel, it brings a new clarity and conviction of sin, It divides the truth from the false, it cuts the wheat from the Tares, For many of you it’s time to lay down the old sword because it’s just not going to cut it anymore, This Sword comes directly from Heaven and it also brings with it a boldness and a fresh anointing that will set captives free!!

This Sword is on Fire and it will burn wherever it is Wielded !!

Take up your New Sword and yield it unashamedly in Jesus Name!!

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