Battle Weary

3621ad9a2d3b17eac3d01dd98b116969-500So many times in ministry, we have found that there are times were you have to push through in the spirit and other times when you need to take cover and rest.

It’s like when the battle is on, they have the forces on the front line battling on. When they have won/or get weary, they are then sent to the rear to get their wounds fixed up and rest.

It is very similar to being in ministry, when we have conferences coming up there is always a battle. A battle for territory, a battle for a new season and sometimes just a battle.

Recently, Rhys has been taking some much needed time off. He is here beside me as I write this as he is in recovery mode. It’s been a very hard couple of weeks, its exciting because with such opposition comes something awesome in God. But unfortunately, with this current battle we have taken casualties. Some of those that have been close to us, not only friends but in ministry. It has been so hard to stand and keep fighting, but we pray that God will restore what has been lost.

Sometimes being in the firing line, you get bullets fired from the enemy’s camp which is directly from the enemy. But other times, it’s the cross fire from your own camp. We know that it isn’t on purpose, and yes it hurts especially when our mandate as a ministry is based on equipping and encouraging the saints for the works of the ministry, (Ephesians 4:12-13)

What we have realised is the key to overcoming any accusations or lies directed from the enemy is keeping a gentle heart, not to take on offence, being transparent and having a core group of Christians around you to surround you and encourage you. These members are usually those who have been on the battleground much longer and fought many more battles, and have experience. We also have to love those that offend us, we don’t have to love the sin (accusation, lies and more) but love the person (John 13:34)

Before we came into ministry, we have had many battles. But these battles helped us to become strong, strong together with God, the three cord rope. These battles included taking on the prison manager, a flat mate that stole from me and many more. But without these trails we wouldn’t have any backbone and wouldn’t survive the battle bombardment of ministry.

So when the battle seems hard, and the enemy is pushing you backwards, it those times you put the armour of God on. Take up your sword and push back. Together with God, we all can do amazing things and these are added to your testimony.So rise up Warriors, take your Armour and fight the good fight.

P.S: Rhys said in the famous words of the Terminator “I’ll be Back!”

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