Not Everything can be healed by prayer

Now before start getting angry and jumping up and down saying it says in the bible. I just want to get you to read a little more and get you thinking.

Many of you know our son was born deaf, he had some hearing in his bad ear and some hearing loss in his good ear. We never expected this as neither of us have a hearing loss in the family. But wow, boy have we been blessed.

We have been to so many meetings with him asking for prayer for healing, God to give him his hearing. But then it wasn’t till we were talking to Rhys uncle about his experience and we realised that God could heal him at anytime, not just because we went to this meeting or that. God could heal him this very second, but!!!!!!!

He hasn’t.

Why? Well it’s definitely not from lack of prayer. I believe there is a bigger picture here. He might not hear in the natural but can definitely hear in the spirit. Cool aye?

We recently realised this shortly after our conference in Auckland last year. Before the conference Christian grabbed a lady by the hand and pulled her over to one of our pray team members. He then said you pray for her eyes. He had no idea that she needed prayer for her eyes, but God did.

If God had healed him, he wouldn’t have learnt sign language so that he could communicate with deaf people. Now he is bilingual he can sign who are deaf and teach them about God.

So many of us go around demanding healing, but not happy in who we are. Yes God can heal you, and if He does that is awesome. But we also can’t stop living. Can’t stop demanding God, and start realising God has other ideas, other plans. Bigger plans than you thought were possible.

So don’t ever give up, God knows what He is doing and He got this. It’s like I said. Keep it simple and keep your eyes on Him. Your journey is one of a kind and not the same as mine.

Ruth Fitzsimmons

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